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Tests of robust regression applied to magnetotelluric time series
Marine stratigraphy and paleontology of southwest Isla Tiburon, Gulf of California, Mexico
Hydrogeologic investigation of Las Flores Basin, San Diego County, California
A Bridgerian age flora from Del Mar, California
Causes for the decline of hot spring and geyser activity, Steamboat Springs, Nevada
Aquifer characterization and ground water exploration in the region of the Elsinore fault zone, Agua Tibia Mountain, California
Soil development along the Elsinore fault, Coyote Mountains, California
Induced polarization and the relationship to the permeability of unconsolidated sediments
Polyphase deformation in the Lower Paleozoic Lang sequence, northern Sierra Nevada, California
An evaluation of the VLF geophysical technique applied to the siting of water wells in a fractured crystalline rock terrain