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Analyzing Group B Streptococcal and Host Factors Influencing Vaginal Colonization and Exploring Therapeutic Interventions
Assessing Regional Scale Fluxes of Mass, Momentum, and Energy with Small Environmental Research Aircraft
Biological and Oceanographic Drivers of Larval Growth, Settlement, and Recruitment of Rockfishes (Sebastes spp.)
Context-Dependent Species Interactions in Seagrass Ecosystems
Coral Reef Microbes: The Influences of Benthic Primary Producers, Nutrient Availability, and Anthropogenic Stressors on Community Structure and Metabolism
Dependence of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Polymerase Function on Structural Flexibility and Domain-Domain Interactions
Gene Therapy and Cell Fusion Enhances Stem Cell Mediated Cardiac Repair
Maternal Attendance of Young in Cottonmouths (Agkistrodon piscivorus): Adaptive Value and Hormonal Mechanisms
Resource partitioning in invasive annuals, native shrubs and native grasses in California  :  an investigation of soil respiration, nitrogen partitioning and allocation to reproduction
The Effect of Pim Kinases Upon Mitochondrial Dynamics and Metabolism