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A constitutive law for the pulmonary valve leaflet tissue
Cell culture studies of xanthopterin and isoxanthopterin
Culture, art, and the transborder condition/experience: Marcos Ramírez ERRE's art practices
Effect of MTBE on CYP19 (aromatase) activity and total P450 in male Sprague-Dawley rats following fourteen day gavage exposure
Effective color schemes for 3D animations of urban landscapes with a spatial and temporal dimension
Exploring the experience of the new graduate nurse
Factors associated with effective help-seeking behavior among homeless persons : a cross-sectional study of San Diego's street  homeless population
Fifty-first Commencement: Imperial Valley Campus
From Tortilla Flat to The Winter of Our Discontent: John Steinbeck's critical evaluation of American culture
Language, acculturation, and neuropsychological test performance in Japanese Americans
Metaphor theory: language's window to the mind
Somewhere between