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  • X ≠ Acosta, Marcial Garcia
  • X = Spring 2018
  • X = Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • X = Thesis
An efficient and reconfigurable hardware architecture for narrow bandwidth low-pass and polyphase recursive filters
A closed loop brain computer interface system: Hardware implementation
Ambient sensor based vital sign monitoring system
A real time closed loop brain computer interface system
Design and implementation of unequal error protection scheme for wireless fading channels using LDPC codes for HEVC bitstream
Hardware implementation of quadratic programming
Link disjoint AOMDV routing with local repair for multi-beam directional nodes
Design and implementation of constant envelope, continuous phase modem
A real time power update scheme for the smart grid using tv white space
Human machine interfaces using multichannel physiological signals
Study of TCP schemes for wireless networks in NS-3 network simulator
Development of a CMSE based prediction model for HEVC video slices
Investigating the feasibility of multiple UWB transmitters in brain computer interface (BCI) applications