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Who is there and what are they doing? An agile and computationally efficient framework for genome discovery and annotation from metagenomic big data
Vascular contributions to neurocognitive impairment among older persons with HIV
Using cluster analysis to investigate the association between smoke-free homes, light smoking, and cessation behaviors
Treatment adherence and engagement in a transdiagnostic behavioral treatment for pediatric anxiety and depression
Transfronteriz@ young adults who used knowledge, strategies and talents to navigate across the Tijuana-San Diego Border region in pursuit of a high school education
The structure and function of interoceptive brain regions in adolescent substance users
The role of children, families, and acculturation on Latina mothers' dietary intake and behaviors
The role of SoxB1 gene in the regeneration and function of sensory neurons in the planarian Schmidtea mediterranea
The impact of involuntary drug treatment on overdose, subsequent drug use and drug use treatment-seeking among people who inject drugs in Tijuana, Mexico
The impact of informant discrepancy on treatment engagement among adolescents with clinically elevated depressive symptoms
The development of mathematical knowledge for teaching for quantitative reasoning using video-based instruction
The academic battle: Challenging deficit models of student veteran military skills
Taxonomic and functional composition of microbial communities across marine ecosystems
Take a stand: A mixed methods approach to evaluate a pilot sedentary behavior intervention
Synthesis of nervous systems in hybrid robots utilizing hierarchical Q - Learning and temporal shifting
Spatio-temporal ecology and management of temperate reef fish populations
Socio-ecological correlates of non-adherence to prescribed medications among low-income Hispanic/Latino adults with chronic conditions
Smartphones for smarter eating: Elucidating eating behaviors, stress, and heart rate variability
Sentence comprehension in aphasia: A test of the intervener hypothesis
Senior change makers pilot study: Improving physical activity environments through intergenerational advocacy