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"Do you feel like a woman or do you feel like a drag queen" A queer linguistic analysis of drag queen speech
"My childhood ended with my mom's incarceration": Adolescent children of incarcerated parents
"We" the people: Decoding Lockean and Calvinist themes in American political nationalism
"What did daddy do now?": An autoethnography of a daughter and her alcoholic father's dialectic tensions
"You don't exist unless you're on TV": The invisible representation of female bisexuality on the The L Word and Orange Is the New Black
A 3-dimensional general curvilinear coastal ocean model: Grid generation and application within San Diego Bay
A VLT/FORS2 narrowband imaging search for MgII emission around z ∼ 0.7 galaxies
A hundred years of anthropological and historical legacies at the San Diego Museum of Man
A novel bacterial protein required for the metamorphosis of hydroides elegans
A rhetorical approach to teaching children's literature
A spacial and population distribution of optical transients in M31 from the research-based science education program
A subjective exploration of the mental illness experience, the storytelling process, and current approaches to mental health and illness
A vision-based quantitative mehtod for city-scale road surface estimation
Accessing and utilizing primary care services: The influence of the affordable care act on Latinas at a community helath center in San Diego County
An expression system for antibody and engineered kinases using insect cell suspension cultures
Applying recurrence quantification analysis methods for the analysis of global reanalysis and model data to reveal the local oscillations of multiple African easterly waves during 2006
Automatic detection and classification of toothed whale echolocations clicks in diverse long term recordings
Awareness of legal right to language services and access to timely care in California
Branding' as an interactional achievement: "Stories of the sharp experience" and personalized care during patient-provider encounters
Characterizing differences in delivery of a parent-training intervention for asd to Hispanic and non-Hispanic families to inform cultural adaptation