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AUD 701 Clinical Practice I
AUD 871 Externship in Audiology
AUD 801 Clinical Practice II
AUD 802 Clinical Precepting in Audiology
AUD 815 Communication Disorders Across Lifespan and Cultures
AUD 831 Field Clinical Practice
AUD 696 Selected Topics in Audiology
AUD 721 Clinical Case Studies and Staffings I
NURS 622 Quality Improvement and Program Evaluation in Nursing Systems Organizations
NURS 458 / NURS 458L Nursing Management and Leadership, Laboratory
NURS 798 Special Study
NURS 604B Theoretical and Research Bases of Nursing II
NURS 608 Nursing in the Healthcare System
SLHS 106 Introduction to Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
NURS 655 Advanced Practice Nursing: Primary Care Practicum I
SLHS 521 Speech-Language Screening of Children
NURS 498 Cooperative Education Supervised Practice
SLHS 619 Multidisciplinary Diagnostic Practicum in Speech-Language Pathology
SLHS 627 Advanced Field Clinical Practice in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
SLHS 626A Clinical Intervention in Speech-Language Pathology