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A food environment perspective on the fruit and vegetable dietary behaviors of US Hispanics
Using cluster analysis to investigate the association between smoke-free homes, light smoking, and cessation behaviors
Ecological correlates of physical activity among urban adult and adolescent populations: Findings from global and US contexts
Take a stand: A mixed methods approach to evaluate a pilot sedentary behavior intervention
Evaluating the implementation of drug decriminalization in Tijuana Mexico: Police and public health
Hyperkyphosis and incident falls among community-dwelling older adults
Sedentary behavior and risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes
Senior change makers pilot study: Improving physical activity environments through intergenerational advocacy
Engagement in HIV care among male fisherfolk in Uganda
"Ecological moderators of the relation between neighborhood safety and physical activity"
Maritime military humanitarian civic assistance missions: Resource use, coordination, and governance to improve global health
Cross border health collaborative leadership
Essays on the marketing and packaging of cigarettes
The impact of involuntary drug treatment on overdose, subsequent drug use and drug use treatment-seeking among people who inject drugs in Tijuana, Mexico
The role of children, families, and acculturation on Latina mothers' dietary intake and behaviors
Access and Affordability of Cancer Drugs in International Settings