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The inclusion-exclusion and mixing ratio conjectures from the Ingleton Inequality
Pseudo-spectral continuation methods for the planar Hamiltonian Korteweg-de Vries equation
Evaluating the potential for mixed-use urban land development using multi-criteria decision analysis: A case study in the city of San Diego
Multi-criteria decision analysis in conservation planning: Designing conservation area networks in San Diego County
Approximations to the Lid-Driven Cavity Problem
Activation of visceral insular cortex in response to ethanol sensory cues after prolonged ethanol exposure
Elucidating progressive supranuclear palsy genotype-phenotype relationships using human isogenic induced pluripotent stem cells
Feline infectious peritonitis : biochemistry of the fatal hyperimmune response to Feline Enteric Coronavirus
Developing a collaborative multimedia learning platform for GIScience education: A case study in designing an interactive textbook for iPad
Addition to chart package for map object Java edition
The implications of leader-follower congruence on co-production of leadership beliefs for leader and follower outcomes
Trans masculine subjectivity: Identity policing, gendered rituals, and other jeopardies
Foster care as a moderator between substance abuse and dating violence
Initial statistical values for CS graduate and forecast thereof
Hydrologic and geologic controls on groundwater recharge along the Mojave River floodplain aquifer
Modification of anxiety sensitivity and P300 using an interpretation modification program
Coping profiles and health outcomes among individuals with systemic sclerosis : a latent profile analysis approach
The 1991 Tailhook scandal: A narrative analysis of military, media and survivor accounts of military sexual assault
La Concientización de La Farsa: Fenomenología heteronormativa en El eterno femenino de Rosario Castellanos
Increasing ligand denticity as a strategy for a better water oxidation catalyst