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A Feasible study of a Probabilistic Approach to Analyzing Cloud Properties such as Cloud Fraction, Liquid Water Path, and Precipitable Water Vapor
An Overview On The Ntru Cryptographic System
Computational Problems in Garside Groups
Graph Eigenvectors
Math on the Move: A Video-Based Study of School Field Trips to a Mathematics Exhibition
Maximizing The Minimum Distance Of Bipartite Graph Based Low Density Parity Check Codes From Two-Step Circulant Covers
Mobile Phone Security Specializing in GSM, UMTS, and LTE Networks
Optimal Global Average Annual Mean Temperature Estimation using Station Data and Spherical Harmonics
Proving Hypergeometric Identities
Sample Size Calculation When High Dose Cannot be Administered First in a Three-Period Crossover Design
Sample Size Calculation for Three-Treatment Three-Period Cross-Over Design with Normal Response
Statistical inference in accelerated life testing with geometric process model
Subgroups of Product Groups
The Integral Trace Form In Cyclotomic Fields
The Points of Two Curves from the Hermitian Tower
The classification of root systems and its application to lie algebras
Unitary Signal Constellations Based on Irreducible Finite Reflection Groups
Variable Ball Collision Decoding