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A comparative analysis of state practice laws for nurse practitioners
A qualitative study to better understand Asian American women's cancer screening decisions
An exploratory analysis of leisure activities and emotional health among older Mexican-Americans
Characterization of chemical compounds in cigarette filters leachates
Demographic characteristics related to vaccination status in children aged 19 to 35 months
Determining factors associated with the prevalence of self-reported pre-diabetes in adult US population (BRFSS 2008)
Effects of weight loss on weight and cardiorespiratory fitness in overweight or obese breast cancer survivors
Evaluating the effectiveness of the lift team method in reducing musculoskeletal injuries associated with patient handling tasks
Factors associated with survival of patients diagnosed with nonmalignant, intracranial meningiomas
First trimester drinking and smoking habits of pregnant women taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
Gender differences in fruit and vegetable consumption and percent calories from fat among Latino immigrants in North Carolina
Gender differences in the association between depression and physical activity
High prevalence of childhood physical & sexual abuse in young injection drug users in San Diego County : ramifications for HCV infection
Is there an association between fruits and vegetables purchased for use at home and chronic disease prevalence in San Diego County?
Phenobarbital exposure in human pregnancy
Predictors of high risk sexual behaviors in deported male Mexican migrants
Provider compliance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations for sexually transmitted disease screening among privately insured HIV-infected persons
Sexually transmitted infections in U.S. adolescents : an ecosocial perspective
The association between depression and social support among Hispanics with type 2 diabetes in Imperial County, California
The association of phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE4D_1) A/T polymorphism with blood pressure