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COMPE 160 Introduction to Computer Programming
COMPE 260 Data Structures and Object-Oriented Programming
COMPE 270 Digital Systems
COMPE 271 Computer Organization
COMPE 361 Windows Programming
COMPE 470 Digital Circuits
COMPE 560 Computer and Data Networks
COMPE 565 Multimedia Communication Systems
COMPE 571 Real-Time Operating Systems
COMPE 572 VLSI Circuit Design
E E 204 Principles of Electrical Engineering
E E 300 Computational and Statistical Methods for Electrical Engineers
E E 310 Circuit Analysis II
E E 330 Fundamentals of Engineering Electronics
E E 330L Engineering Electronics Laboratory
E E 340 Electric and Magnetic Fields
E E 380 Electrical Energy Conversion
E E 380L Electrical Energy Conversion Laboratory
E E 410 Signals and Systems
E E 410 Signals and Systems, section 02