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Functional connectivity supporting word retrieval in speech production: A graph signal processing approach
Effect of process control agent on electrically activated reactive synthesis (EARS) of nickel aluminide carbon nanotube composites
Building an energy-efficient network for wildlife observation
Carbon nanoparticle production through hydrocarbon pyrolysis experimentation and modeling
A system-level approach for achieving high spatial resolution noninvasive electrical neuromodulation and extracellular neural spike detection
Patterns of molecular evolution among the PE and PPE proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Common frame dynamics for conically-constrained spacecraft attitude control
Numerical performance of mixed triangular elements based on the functional reconstitution technique
Stress prediction in turbine blades under forced excitation
Investigation of a near black body, channel receiver for harvesting concentrated solar power
Investigation and development of a noise canceling low noise amplifier for 5G New Radio
Evaluation of T7 coliphage susceptibility to disinfection after repeated exposure to heat and free chlorine
Energy efficient data writing methods for low power networked wireless devices
Security and accessibility of electronic health records using blockchain technology
Proactive evaluation of safety for vulnerable road users at signalized intersections
Effect of outflow graft size on stroke risk in the aortic arch
Design, microfabrication, and characterization of a bismuth based sensor for healthy metals in drinking water
IC aging prediction based on machine learning
Optimization of electronic speed controller (ESC) power quality
Medium access control protocols for UHF-RFID transmitters for brain computer interface applications