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Common frame dynamics for conically-constrained spacecraft attitude control
Numerical performance of mixed triangular elements based on the functional reconstitution technique
Stress prediction in turbine blades under forced excitation
Optimization of spark-plasma sintering efficiency : tailoring material structure and advanced tooling design
Induced drag minimization procedure for generic non-planar wings
High-speed particle-laden flows : Eulerian-Lagrangian methods, multi-scale modeling and numerical/physical instabilities
Synthetic jet flow control of two-dimensional NACA 65(1)-412 airfoil flow with Finite-Time Lyapunov Exponent analysis of Lagrangian Coherent Structures
An unsteady analysis of turbine nozzle air jet flow control with stator-rotor interaction and a comparison of Ansys solvers for a steady state turbine nozzle flow
Experimental characterization of damage at countersunk bolted joints tested under quasi-static bearing loads
Numerical investigation of variable momentum flux and density ratios on confined jets in crossflow
Evaluation of a modified fixture for testing composite bolted joints with countersunk fasteners under bearing loads
High-fidelity Lagrangian Coherent Structures analysis and DNS with Discontinuous-Galerkin methods
The importance of grain morphology and transverse velocity in porous media flows: Using OPENFOAM® to simulate solute transport in fractured porous media
Flexible Blade Design for Wind Energy Conversion Devices
Computational study of cardiac blood flow during ventricular filling with Fluent
Parametric study of influence of stiffener variables on postbuckling response of frame-stiffened composite panels
Stress Analysis of Rotating Propellers Subject to Forced Excitations
Experimental Study On The Use Of Synthetic Jet Actuators For Lift Control
Heat Transfer Analysis of a Lab Scale Solar Receiver Using the Discrete Ordinates Model
Power control and optimization of photovoltaic and wind energy conversion systems