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A critical examination and evaluation of the structure and stratigraphy in the downtown San Diego area, California
Collinear dipole-dipole resistivity technique applied to the siting of crystalline rock water wells
Early Neogene continental sedimentation, western Salton Trough, California
Evaluation of possible detachment faulting west of the San Andreas fault, southern Santa Rosa Mountains, California
Geology and geochemistry of the La Prosperidad banded ferromanganese deposit and other mineral deposits in the metavolcanic Fe-Cu Province of Baja California, Mexico
Geology of the Arica Mountains
Groundwater recharge calculations in San Diego County
Pacific Plate - North American plate relative motion 70 - 0 myBP
Pre-batholithic stratigraphy of the San Felipe area, Baja California, Mexico
Sedimentary geology of a portion of southern Camp Pendleton