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Intramural sports supervisor manual
Reality reimagined :  the effect of the spectacular narrative
The effects of youth sports participation on emotional intelligence in middle school students
Uni Verse
The Rhythm Network: An activation and Functional Connectivity Analysis of Beat Perception and Production
Ingredient branding : a case study on the emergence of the mobile processor category
Sacred comedy : reconciling religion and humor
Range and movement patterns of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) along the California and Northern Baja Coast
Long-term memory of American Sign Language in a chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes)
Remarkable moments: communicating trust in the relationship between the child with autism and the parent/caregiver
How feasible is interdisciplinary teacher collaboration in high schools?  an in-depth comparison of Kyberpass at two school sites
Social media and crisis mapping  : recent developments and application ideas for crisis response
Slingshots and giants : the David and Goliath narrative as discourse in American news coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
The concept of revolution according to J. Krishnamurti
A single glance: The Mandala of the Two Realms and the upāya of awakening
From the Yijing to Jesus: A comparative study of the aphorisms in the Yijing hexagrams and the sayings of Jesus
Big data for humanitarian assistance and disaster response
Addressing cigarette-related health inequities through a trauma-informed lens