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Structural analysis of HK97-fold protein shells using quasi-rigid domain decomposition
Improving nuclear density functional theory predictions with an artificial neural network
Numerical techniques for computing scattering phase shifts in the oscillator basis
Computation of asymptotic normalization constants for alpha-particle removal
Hot nuclear matter and the properties of (proto-) neutron stars
Simulation of variational quantum methods on a field programmable gate array
Detection and differentiation of crude and refined oils using ultraviolet fluorescence spectroscopy
A quantum engineering guide to microwave photonics and multiconductor transmission lines
Comparing classical and quantum radar: Investigating the theoretical basis and feasibility
Quantifying plasmid DNA double strand breaks using centrifugal ultrafiltration
Hong-Ou-Mandel Interference for multilayered Al:SnO/ZnO metamaterial
Quantifying the relative biological effectiveness using a DNA-based detector
Quantifying the biological effects of FLASH radiotherapy with plasmid DNA
Optical photon extraction from an LYSO scintillator matrix for a 3D PET detector design
Exploring aqueous solutions of dna using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
An electronics laboratory for teaching circuit analysis and instrumentation
Developing microwave networks into quantum objects within SLH formalism
Exploring dynamically-driven coupled LC oscillators as an experimental, semiclassical analog of a two-level atom
Quantitative magnetization transfer to monitor age related structural changes in calf muscle
Enhancement and validation of ground motion simulations