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Bridging the gap between set theory and logic: Leveraging computing as a mediating tool for learning
Development of machine learning algorithms for low-resolution MIMO signal processing
Early indicators of response to behavioral treatment of pediatric anxiety and depression
Effects of motivationally enhanced compensatory cognitive training on modifiable risk factors for mild cognitive impairment
Functional and anatomical substrates of cognitive abilities in autism spectrum disorder
Investigating the role of contractile injection system effectors in host-microbe interactions
Multi-scale modeling of soil microbial control on terrestrial carbon cycle
Nonlinear multi-photon laser wave-mixing spectroscopy for sensitive detection of heart-failure biomarkers and hemoprotein oxygen saturation levels
Phage and bacterial ecology in marine holobiont disease and competition
Posttraumatic cognitions and psychosocial functioning in integrated interventions for co-occurring posttraumatic stress disorder and alcohol use disorder
Variability in greenhouse gas dynamics due to spatial heterogeneity and seasonality in Alaskan Arctic coastal wetlands