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Water oxidation catalysts with heteroatom pendant bases and instrumentation for quantifying oxygen
Uptake, localization, and speciation of iron and boron in the brown algae Ectocarpus siliculosus and Macrocystis pyrifera
Understanding the role of NEMO in IKK activation
Understanding of the structure-function relationship of tumor-relevant IDH1 mutants: A kinetic investigation
Total synthesis of marine natural products: Micromide, its analogs, and lagunamide A
Total synthesis of lagunamide A via remote vinylogous mukaiyama aldol reactions, chemical studies toward the total synthesis of micromide and preliminary studies toward the total synthesis of azaspirene
The role of oligomerization in human IKK2 activation as revealed by structural and diophysical studies
The role of iron in potential algal-bacterial mutualism as related to harmful algae blooms
The hierarchical structure, dynamics, and assembly of spider silk
The electrochemistry of quinones in aprotic solvents
The development and characterization of N-heterocyclic carbene based catalysts
Synthesis and evaluation of macrocycles as potential antitumor agents
Synthesis and characterization of porphyrin containing metal-organic frameworks
Studies on bis protic N-heterocylic carbene pincer complexes and on water oxidation catalysts
Structure and biochemistry of IKappaB Zeta : A nuclear IKappaB protein
Structural Arrangement of the DmSNAP190 Myb repeats on U1 and U6 snRNA Gene Promoter Sequences
Sensitive standoff nonlinear spectroscopic studies of gas- and condensed-phase molecules in ambient conditions for environmental and security applications
Sensitive Nonlinear Laser-Based Spectroscopic Studies of Chemical and Biological Agents for Biomedical and Security Applications
Selective methodologies for direct functionalization of arenes and heterocycles