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Unveiling the phenomenology of Afghan women in community college
Discovering the educational implications of neuropsychological research: Understanding the impact of neuroeducation instruction on fifth grade students and their teachers
Understanding culturally and linguistically diverse children’s preschool experiences in South Korea: Parents’ perspectives and classroom observations
Supporting Students Who Code: A Formative Evaluation of Elementary School Teacher Preparedness to Implement a Computer Science Program
Factors associated with HIV infection and condom use in the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Risk factors and surveillance for arboviruses and their vectors in Guatemala and Puerto Rico
Mindfulness-based social emotional learning and its impact on student achievement: An evaluation of the brain-focused mindfulness program
The importance of on-going, systematic professional development for principals
Keys to STEM success: The black studies effect
The relative timing of human migration and land-cover and land-use change -- An evaluation of Northern Taiwan from 1990 to 2015
The quantitative impact of educator leadership on student achievement
Building a foundation for freshman: Supporting the academic and social preparedness of ninth grade students
Fulfilling the promise: An evaluation of a college promise program
Perceptions of self-concept for multiracial college students: A mixed methods study
Molecular diagnostics for drug-resistant tuberculosis: Can genetic tests replace conventional diagnostics as predictors of drug resistance and clinical outcome?
Early auditory-semantic integration and organization: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Evidence
The Impact of Individual Differences in Social Skills and Executive Control on Visual-Spatial Perspective-Taking in Signers and Nonsigners
Poverty and Place: Structural Determinants of Infectious Disease Risk in Mexico and Central America