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Public education's role in developing global citizens: A comparison between charter school and traditional school pedagogy
ANTH 531 Methods in Applied Anthropology
ANTH 602 Seminar in Archaeology
ANTH 402 Dynamics of Biocultural Diversity
ANTH 422 Music and Culture
ANTH 410 Langauge in Culture
ANTH 604 Seminar in Linguistics
ANTH 601 Seminar in Biological Anthropology
ANTH 304 Principles of Anthropological Linguistics
ANTH 349 Roots of Civilizations
ANTH 439 Cultural Comparisons Through Film
ANTH 424 The Supernatural in Cross-Cultural Perspective
ANTH 360 Modern Forensic Anthropology
ANTH 350 Cultures Around the Globe
ANTH 101 Human Biocultural Origins
ANTH 101 Human Biocultural Origins
ANTH 471 Archaeology of North America
ANTH 508 Medical Anthropology
ANTH 101 Human Biocultural Origins, Online
ANTH 102 Introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology