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Outmigration and the Elderly: A Case Study of Empowerment by and for the Forgotten Generation in San Pablo Huixtepec, Oaxaca, Mexico
An Investigation of Cuyamaca Oval Bedrock Milling Basins
Cultural Network Analysis of Spanish Colonial Settlement Patterns in San Diego, California
Kumeyaay Across Borders: An Evaluation Of Formal And Informal Approaches To Tribal Transportation Issues
The Experience Of Error On The Front Line Of Care In The Context Of A Hospital Organizational Culture Change Initiative
Early Archaeology on the Western Edge of Alta California: Malcolm Rogers' San Nicolas Island Collections
Resettlement Experience of Refugees from Burma/Myanmar to San Diego, CA
Reconstruction of San Diego Identities and Attitudes Through 19th and 20th Century Gravestone Symbols
The Wantok System, Scale and Vulnerability: Shaping Disaster Recovery in an Immigrant Community of the Western Solomon Islands
In Search of the American Dream: Undocumented Youth and the Journey North
Buem agricultural strategies and crop choices as adaptability practices
Reintroducing Javan gibbons (Hylobates moloch): an assessment of behavioral preparedness