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THEA 532 Collaborative Creation
THEA 533A Acting For The Camera
THEA 545 Mechanical Drawing for the Theatre
THEA 643  Collaborative Studies in Design (3)
THEA 440 Scene Design I
THEA 570 A/B Practicum Theatre Production
THEATRE 111 Voice and Movement
TFM 330 Cultural Aspects of Media
TFM 470 Critical Studies of Gender/Sexuality/Media
THEA 447 Lighting Design I
THEATRE 130 - Acting I
THEATRE 355 Movement for the Theatre
THEA 557 Fabrication for Entertainment Design
TFM 571 Selected Topics in Director Studies:  Women Who Call the Shots
TFM 363 - International Cinema
THEA 130 Acting I
THEA 435 Acting and Directing Collaboration
THEA 100 The Art of Theatre
TFM 465 Compositing
TFM 496 Experimental Topics:  3D Digital Storytelling