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3-D printing of magnetic field responsive biomimetic structures
3-Dimensional compact disc (CD) microfluidic platform
3D printing of bioinspired functional microstructures for use in fog collection
3D-printing via binder jetting and consolidation of nano alumina bone scaffold prototypes
A comparison of the Monte Carlo method to the discrete ordinates method in FLUENT for calculating radiation heat transfer in a particle solar receiver
A comprehensive nonlinear mathematical modeling of smart flow distribution network
A computational study and statistical analysis of Santa Ana winds in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego
A constitutive law for the pulmonary valve leaflet tissue
A geometric model of the human aortic valve and design of closure prostheses
A glass microfluidic platform for rare cell capturing using passive micromixing
A microfluidic chaotic mixer for cancer stem cell immunocapture and release
A microfluidic platform incorporating inertial focusing and chaotic mixing for immunocapture and release of rare cancer cells
A numerical investigation of radiation feedback in different regimes of opposed-flow flame spread
A parametric approach to Tesla turbine design for the organic rankine cycle
A physical system analysis and evaluation of a conventional air conditioning system with a solar thermal contribution
A rich internet application for nozzle flow structure
A smartphone-integrated, paper-microfluidic system for rapid and on-site screening of urinary tract infections
A stochastic algorithm for predicting long term cell migration in a 3D polymer matrix
Advances in W-Cu: New powder systems
Agricultural-waste biomass for high-surface area structures via nano-material synthesis and spark plasma sintering