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It's messy in the middle: A qualitative investigation exploring communicative reconciliation of feminist and Evangelical Christian identity
"A world where they belonged": Queer women's use of a Dungeons & Dragons game to experiment with, express, and explore identity
Pushed and pulled: Understanding contradictions in IEPs during a pandemic
Working through the past : a postmodern visual analysis on Holocaust collective memories and The Nameless Library
Twitter and the #Blacklivesmatter movement
The Sociology of Photojournalism: The Adoption of Video by Newspaper Staff Photographers
"You stay, no matter how bad": Women voice the trajectory of marital disaffection
“A girl child ain’t safe in a family of men”: Breaking the secrecy between African-American mothers and daughters about familial childhood sexual abuse
An analysis of relational maintenance and conflict in geographically distanced sibling relationships
Communicating childbirth: A memorable messages and control theory approach
Network theory and political revolution: A case study of the role of social media in the diffusion of Twitter communication during the Egyptian revolution
A special relationship: Measuring the perceptions of journalists and public relations practitioners' working relationship
Transformational Leadership and Communication: Barack Obama Case Study
Ideologies of Integration: Communicating Philosophies, Practices, and Identities in 21st Century Medicine
To Seek or Not to Seek?: An Analysis of Information Management and Patient Satisfaction in the Context of Mental Health
Two-way symmetrical communication and twitter in professional sports public relations
Relational uncertainty in friends with benefits relationships : negotiating uncertainty reduction strategies when romantic interest develops
Time-limited stress effects of substantial non-disclosures in romantic relationships
Pleasure, use, virtue : psychological and physiological correlates of interpersonal motivations and experiences
IMPACCTS©: The development of the interactive media package for the assessment of communication and critical thinking-short version