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Struggling with salinity: Patterns and drivers of groundwater quality change in the Mexicali Valley, Mexico
Modeling lyme disease: Autonomous, nonautonomous, and spatial systems
Optical detection of radio waves through a nanomechanical transducer
Coping among adolescent and young adult cancer survivors
Magnetization transfer saturation imaging to monitor gender related differences in leg skeletal muscle
Charts for map objects
Bifurcation analysis of coupled spin torque nano oscillators parallel array configuration
738 days and a wake up: An autoethnograpic investigation of being a woman inmate
The bond between public relations and brand loyalty: Exploring brand-public relationships
Patagonia, environmental responsibility, and anti-consumerism in the postmodern era—It's all rhetoric
Morphological evolution and diversification in the tanagers, the largest radiation of neotropical songbirds
Credibility crisis: Analyzing journalism survival during 'media regime change'
Identification of multiple and novel drug resistance in mycobacterium tuberculosis utilizing protein-protein interaction networks
The effects of known falsehoods on implicit perceptions of hypothetical candidates
A novel wideband stepped impedance filter for suppression of common-mode noise in differential lines
Quantifying brain network abnormalities in children with autism spectrum disorders
Exploring systemic factors of white spaces within education institutions and the role of the school counselor
Expression, purification, and kinetic analysis of the zika viral polymerase
Target value design applied to sustainable construction
An analysis of restaurant food safety practices within full-service restaurants during peak business hours in San Diego County, California