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"There Is no billboard for transfer": A cultural wealth perspective on memorable experiences prior to transfer for community college students of color
Superman, superwoman, or superhero? A thematic analysis of Reddit user discussions of female superheroes
Sports cards are messages
Face filters and their effects on users
Framing the Coast Guard on social media: Exploring organizational Identity, legitimacy, and public perceptions
Feeling guilty: Testing the effectiveness of guilt and shame appeals in motivating trans-inclusive behavioral changes among college students
The digital citizen’s pursuit of information during crises
The bridge between worlds: A qualitative analysis of law enforcement liaisons and the Black communities in Southern California
Education and equity: Advocating for black student advancement
Consent, identity, and communicative competence among BDSM practitioners
The road to healthcare is paved with good intentions: A culture centered approach to examining government managed healthcare in Mexico City
Instructor feedback as disciplinary cultivation: Using Anxiety/Uncertainty Management to explore first-generation college students’ negotiation of academic voice(s)
Pushed and pulled: Understanding contradictions in IEPs during a pandemic
Park ranger communication of conservation knowledge: Shaping environmental selves
Park ranger communication of conservation knowledge: Shaping environmental selves
I’m still standing: Native Spanish speakers’ perceptions of support messages received in Spanish and English
Lying through one's tweets: How false rumors deter public compliance during crises
Local government in the context of COVID-19: Using natural language processing to analyze discourse on Twitter across four U.S. cities
Bridging trauma-informed organizing and accessible practice: A qualitative study of dialectical tensions
Tension Analysis: The Smart Room Project at a large public university