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Understanding human mobility and urban dynamics with big geospatial data analytics
El Salvador in motion: Socioeconomic causes of child migration
Territory, personhood, and immigration law: Legal geographies of immigration and border control
Improving disaster response with aerial imagery through UAS-based image acquisition and analysis, artificial intelligence, and timeliness assessment
Ecosystem service assessment and mapping with Pacific Northwest National Forest stakeholders
The tale of Western Chitwan community forests: Historical vegetation dynamics and the challenges with the invasion of mikania micrantha
A model-based evaluation of the impacts of human mobility and behavior on vector-borne disease transmissions: Implications for disease prevention and control
The relative timing of human migration and land-cover and land-use change -- An evaluation of Northern Taiwan from 1990 to 2015
Women's Studies 50th Anniversary Celebration Video
Preeti Mangala Shekar Oral History
Barbara Watson Oral History
Participation and power in the gataifale: A comparative study of Samoan coastal marine comanagement
Sue Gonda Oral History
Brodie Reynolds Oral History
Carol Council-Rowell Oral History
Slaska, Maggie Oral History
Doreen Mattingly Oral History
Beverly Yuen Thompson Oral History
Teddi Brock Oral History
Bonnie Scott Oral History