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I'm a compatibilist, but only because I have to be
The individual: Between self and community
When is evil?: Secular theories of evil
Contemplating moral personhood
Corporal punishment
Determinate negation in scientific revolutions: a response to Rosen's paradox and Kuhn's paradigm shifts
The incredible existence of theoretical entities: A realist critique
Death, being, and other: Heidegger, Levinas, and Tolstoy on death
A pragmaticist argument for the assumption of moral reality
Reconceiving economic man
The role of the hydraulic model of desire in action : exploring mindfulness as a means to enhance autonomy in addicts
Equality, responsibility, and climate policy
Infinite justification
Teaching freedom -- a science of tantric pedagogy
Wisdom as it illuminates the metaphysics and epistemology of Hui-neng in the Platform Sutra
Levinas and Kierkegaard : critical companions
Excavating Plato's cave
Discourse Concerning the Love of God via Damaris Masham
The ideal school : justifications and parameters for the construction of philosophy-based high schools
Aristotle's criteria of virtue as they relate to the character of Batman