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Aquinas, Walzer, and Pattison: The Potential for PMCs in Humanitarian Intervention and Just War Theory
Corporal punishment
Death, being, and other: Heidegger, Levinas, and Tolstoy on death
Determinate negation in scientific revolutions: a response to Rosen's paradox and Kuhn's paradigm shifts
God, Possible Worlds, And William Rowe'S Theistic Dilemma
Process Reliabilism: Experimental Cognitive Psychology And Neuroscience
Reconceiving economic man
Soviet Dialectical Materialism: On the Objective Contradiction of Motion and the Role of Contradiction in Dialects
Spinoza and Consciousness
The Problem of Evil and Animal Suffering: An Objection to Theism
The Responsibilities of the Jewish Councils in Nazi-Occupied Poland