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Place-based environmental education and environmental justice in Imperial Beach, California
Multi-temporal fractional cover estimation of shrubs on San Clemente Island
Geochemical sediment source identification in a semi-arid urbanized watershed: Implications for improved soil loss modeling
Histogram curve matching approach for geographic object-based image change analysis of urban land use
Indigenous social movement in Nayarit: Resistance to the Las Cruces hydroelectric dam
Sex-specific habitat suitability models for Panthera tigris in Chitwan National Park, Nepal
Neighborhood food retail environment and health outcomes among urban Ghanaian women
Developing a collaborative multimedia learning platform for GIScience education: A case study in designing an interactive textbook for iPad
Annexation and growth in the desert
I Suffer a lot, We All Suffer so Much: Contexts of Mobility, Migration, and Connectedness in Oaxaca, Mexico and Southern California
Regional Impacts of Urbanization on Stream Channel Geometry: Importance of Watershed Area and Channel Particle Size
Habitat Distribution For Non-Native Amazona Viridigenalis Within San Diego County Using Maxent Predictive Model
Striking the balance: Privacy and spatial pattern preservation in masked GPS data
Use of Ultra-High Resolution Imagery in the Estimation of Wildfire Fuel Load Across Chaparral Vegetation
Comparison of chaparral regrowth patterns between Santa Ana wind-driven and non-Santa Ana fire areas
Understanding the spatio-temporal characteristics of Twitter data with geo-tagged and non geo-tagged content: Two case studies with the topic of flu and Ted (Movie)
Determining The Type And Starting Time Of Land Cover And Land Use Change In Ghana Based On Discrete Analysis Of Dense Landsat Image Time Series
A study of waterbirds wintering in Mission Bay combining field methods and GIS
Reconfiguring Spaces of Capital in Southern California: A Political Ecology of the Imperial Valley - San Diego County Water Transfer Agreement