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(De)constructing literacy: Education inequalities and the production of space in San Diego, California
A longitudinal study evaluating the effects of payments for ecosystem services on species richness
A signature-based approach to quantify soil moisture dynamics under contrasting land-uses
A spatial-temporal analysis of copper and zinc from antifouling paint in Pier 32 Marina, National City, California
A study of waterbirds wintering in Mission Bay combining field methods and GIS
A tri-space interface for exploring multispectral and multitemporal imagery
Agent-based modeling of Rhinopithecus brelichi population and movements in the Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve
An analysis of San Diego's housing market using a geographically weighted regression approach
An analysis of eucalyptus: The culturally invasive species of San Diego
An integrated toolset for exploration of spatio-temporal data using self-organizing maps and GIS
An interactive web-based atlas for the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer
Analyzing and reducing shadow effects on the co-registration accuracy of multi-temporal aerial image pairs
Analyzing spatio-temporal patterns of Pokémon Go game users and the impacts of users' physical activities
Annexation and growth in the desert
Assessing Sensitivity and Exposure of Irrigated Agriculture to Drought in the Krishna River Basin, India
Assessing Vulnerability: A Synthesis Of Climate Change Impacts To Agriculture
Assessing the Accuracy and Repeatability of Automated Photogrammetrically Generated Digital Surface Models from Unmanned Aerial System Imagery
Automating near real-time, post-hazard detection of crack damage to critical infrastructure
Benchmarking the performance of deep learning streamflow models and finetuning methods against the national water model in small, semi-arid watersheds using hydrologic signatures
Border porosity and landscape characteristics : a GIS-based approach for segmenting the US -- Canada Border