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"Do you feel like a woman or do you feel like a drag queen" A queer linguistic analysis of drag queen speech
A comparative examination of eliciting acts in American and Turkish MBA seminars and lectures
A corpus study of ethnic slurs and derogatory language across Reddit and YouTube with Sentiment considered
A corpus-driven, keyword-centered approach to lexical bundles in grade comments
A maximum entropy approach to Japanese zero subject antecedent detection
A method of segmenting topical Twitter hashtags
A sociocultural analysis of teacher-student interaction in a Mexican 6th grade classroom
A study of Vietnamese narrative: Vietnamese "Pear" stories in comparison with American "Pear" stories
A survey of some Bulgarian discourse markers
A test case for relevance theory: The cognitive underpinnings of emphatic "do"
Adult second language learners' acquisition in OSV word order with case markers in Korean
An investigation of Kazan Tatar morphology
Anaphora resolution in Japanese
Anaphoric demonstratives in spoken and written Japanese discourse
Assessing the temporal behavior of semantic neologisms in comparison to lexical neologisms
Attraction-based interference in the comprehension of gender agreement in Spanish
Children's Plural Acquisition in English
Codeswitching as a communicative strategy in a Korean heritage language classroom
Coherence in English as a Second Language undergraduate writing: A theme-rheme analysis
Cohesion and coherence in narratives: a crosslinguistic analysis in English and Romanian