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DPT 710 Foundations of Physical Therapy Evaluation II
DPT 780 Therapeutic Modalities
ECON 301 Collection and Use of Data in Economics
ECON 406 Economics of Sports, section 01
ENS 116A and ENS 116B Golf
ENS 200 Introduction to Exercise and Nutritional Sciences
ENS 305 Measurement and Evaluation in Kinesiology
ENS 463 and ENS 463L Principles and Techniques in Therapeutic Exercise
Kinetics of the decomposition and aggregation of silver nanoparticles induced by halide ions
NUTR 201 Fundamentals of Nutrition
NUTR 302 Advanced Nutrition
NUTR 302L Advanced Nutrition Laboratory
NUTR 303 Quantity Food Production
NUTR 304 Nutrition Throughout The Life Span
NUTR 312 Nutrition for Athletes
NUTR 313 Contemporary Nutrition
NUTR 404 Food Systems Management
NUTR 405 Experimental Food Science and Technology Laboratory