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"Please read and respond": Strategies for community engagement in museums in San Diego and their implications for the Nate Harrison project
A history of the women of Mexico and their agency: Goddesses, queens, translators, and nuns
Adapting in rural Paraguay: Drought, authoritarianism, and social-ecological poverty traps
Decolonizing Chinigchinich: Religious landscapes of Southern California
Determining sources of recharge in an urban and semi-arid aquifer: Using stable isotopes as tracers
Dynamics of water availability in aridland agriculture
El placer de la fugacidad semantica en la poesia de migraciones
Features of summaries written by second language writers
Food, nostalgia, and home on the U.S./Mexico border: The palimpsest of memory in the creation of home and imagined futures
From carriers to careers: Can military service boost a woman's earning potential?
From marco to micro: Applying histology to individuals from Rio Viejo, Oaxaca, Mexico as an investigation into age and season of death
Identity, connectivity, and governance: Perspectives from contemporary Rapa Nui
In the woods she toils: Witches, ecophobia, and American manhood
Itsmolinalsentlalotl nauatl: Lessons learned from a language maintenance and development effort in Guerrero, Mexico
Madres hablan: Ideas y prácticas de la maternidad. A comparative analysis of bordertown mothers in Tijuana and San Diego
Renaming the world through hip-hop: The soundtrack of the revolution
The evocative lyrics and blurry aesthetics of the national
The iconography and sociocultural significance of guajiro variety cabrito cream-polychrome pottery at Buenavista Del Cayo, western Belize
The regenerative resistance: Warrior womxn talk embodiment at the intersections of self-care and social justice
Wearing a mask: Demystifying the views and opinions of black women's bodies tied to slavery and hip hop