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Using former foster youth voices to enhance postsecondary educational attainment
Student Motivation in Foreign Language Learning at the Community College Level
Self-Concept and Perceived Social Support of College Women with Disabilities
Sacred purpose: Indigenous teachings informing pedagogy of the eagle and the condor
Practices in Less Commonly Taught Languages: A Study of Teachers' Beliefs and the Factors that Guide Foreign Language Teachers' Instructional Practices
Facilitating Comprehension and Motivation by Engaging Adolescents as iPad Readers
Exploring the growth of text-reading fluency in upper-elementary English language learners during instruction based on repeated reading
Elementary Students' Perceptions of School Belongingness and (Bi)cultural Identity in English-only and Dual-language strands
Educator perceptions about teacher dispositions and practices
ED 451 Introduction to Multicultural Education
A comparative content analysis of five spelling programs in the 1st, 3rd, and 5th grade