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Zombie Prom makes for a killer thesis : lighting design for a musical parody
Visceral vicarious voyeurism: Boorstin's principle of the three eyes as applied to the short film rebirth
Victorian women and the Jack the Ripper murders : creating a strong story through fact and fiction
Urinetown : entertaining and educational
Transylvania Mania: An Actor's Research, Rehearsal, and Performance of Susan Stroman's Original Staging of Young Frankenstein
Translation and adaptation of Uncle Vanya
Tracking projections : experimenting in dynamic theatrical design
The past, the will, & a brick: the makings of an essay-film abroad
The last puzzle piece: Completing a S.L.O.A.T.
The language of war
The implementation of innovative production strategies to produce a network broadcast television program on a small budget
The fear within: Early scientific film and its influence on the horror genre
The church: A screenplay
The chile film La Sangre Rojo y Verde de Nuevo Mexico
The Depths of the Inferno
The Boyfriend: Costumes for the Cheeky and Cheery
Technical direction for Symphony of Clouds
Teaching the musical theatre dance repertory : a study in style
THEA 795 Practicum in Theatre Arts
THEA 795 Practicum in Theatre Arts