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A microfluidic chaotic mixer for cancer stem cell immunocapture and release
Cybersecurity: Challenging rhetoric to identify the future of defensive and offensive measures against defined threat actors
DLE 415 Biliteracy Foundations of Teaching and Learning in Diverse Communities
DLE 515 Multilingual Education: Theory and Practice for Biliteracy Teachers
DLE 596 Special Topics in Bilingual and Multicultural Education
DLE 604 Learning and Teaching Language in a Dual Language Setting
DLE 650 Curriculum Development for Urban School Communities
DLE 653 Language Development in K-12 Multilingual Classrooms
DLE 931 Skills in Teaching Reading to Bilingual Secondary Students
ED 795A/795B Seminar, section 02 and 03
Racial profiling and traffic search: A meta-analysis
Relationship between acculturation and Chinese parents’ beliefs about young children’s emotions
Safety cynicism :  a new safety construct
Utilizing C# to create a Ternary Graph plotting program with rigorous statistical analysis with an analysis of Holocene sands