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The global association between maternal mortality and skilled health workers
Overcoming oppression :  praxis and the ethics of "the other"
Constructability opportunities in design of marine structures
Product differentiation and pricing strategy in the market for antibodies
Emergence and the problem of personal identity
Influence of growth rate on silver nanoparticle adsorption and silver ion toxicity to Nitrosomonas europaea cells continuously cultured in a chemostat reactor
Candidate image : factoring in gender
Social media and crisis mapping  : recent developments and application ideas for crisis response
Impact of domestic violence trainings on attitudes and beliefs of CWS fieldworkers
The role of new public relations practitioners as social media experts
Demographic correlates of measles vaccine noncompliance using the National Immunization Survey 2011 data
Moisture penetration into an unsaturated soil with cracked and intact surfaces for flat and sloped conditions
"Never Give Up"
Big data for humanitarian assistance and disaster response
The brotherhood will not protect you :  mapping (dis)empowering communication in military sexual trauma narratives
The concept of revolution according to J. Krishnamurti