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meta-SourceTracker (mST): Application of Bayesian source tracking to shotgun metagenomics
mRNA structure and amino acid permutation drive codon amelioration and selection in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Zonal and tidal effects on trace gas flux from a mangrove ecosystem In B.C.S., Mexico
Zircon uranium-lead isotopic ages of the Santiago Peak volcanics and spatially related plutons of the Peninsular Ranges batholith, Southern California
Zircon U-Pb of tuff in the Monterey Formation of California by laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
Zero spatial chirp vortices from supercontinuum modulation
Youth-Therapist agreement on therapeutic alliance and youth treatment engagement in the context of cultural competence
X24 Mexico : description of a multi-national natural disaster exercise and analysis of the participants' experience
X-ray fluorescence rubidium: Strontium age determinations of minerals from the Southern California batholith
X-ray crystal structures of two thermostable metal binding variants of streptococcal Protein Gβ1 domain
Written and spoken expository texts in children with perinatal stroke
Wrist movement classification using multi-channel surface EMG
World's disputed territories using ArcGIS for Android
World history maps, a GIS-based teaching tool
Workplace bullying and harassment: Effects on absenteeism
Workplace anti-discrimination training effectiveness : a meta-analytic review
Working conditions, employee well-being, and positivity: A cross-national investigation
Workforce prediction
Workflow for compound identification in untargeted metabolomics