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Lexical and Cognitive Processing in Early Language Delay
Maternal Attendance of Young in Cottonmouths (Agkistrodon piscivorus): Adaptive Value and Hormonal Mechanisms
First X-ray crystal structure of an insect muscle myosin
Water, culture and environmental health: Understanding community based planning to improve health outcomes in vulnerable populations
Biophysical and biochemical effects of mono-ubiquitination on engineered proteins
Neural Network Predictions of Protein Function
Statistics for Time-Series Spatial Data: Applying Survival Analysis to Study Land-Use Change
Event representation and verb learning: integrating brain and behavioral development
An appraisal of childhood vision problems: Evaluating risk factors and the psychosocial impact of strabismus in children
Oral polymicrobial communities and impact on human health
Teachers' beliefs regarding the generalization of students' learning and how to support the generalization of students' learning
Design and Synthesis of Macrocyclic Peptides with Anti-Cancer Potency
Psychosocial mediators of ethnic disparities in Allostatic Load
Trauma-related guilt : conceptual development and relationship with posttrauma psychopathology
Understanding the dynamics of changing land-use and land-cover, population, and climate in the Chitwan Valley, Nepal
Performance-based cognitive processing in clinically anxious youths
Momentary social experiences and ambulatory blood pressure levels, reactivity, and nocturnal dipping in Mexican-American women
Remote-Sensing Based Characterization of Herbaceous Vegetation in California Shrublands