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Distributed mode selection and cross-layer routing protocol for FDD nodes in mobile ad hoc networks
I/O stack optimization for non-volatile memory based storage systems
Non-conservative variational approximation for nonlinear Schrödinger equations and its applications
Synchronization in Coupled Spin-Torque Nano Oscillators: Nonlinear Dynamics Analysis
Stochastic models for precipitable water in convection
Modeling the effects of inertial forces on Bose-Einstein condensates in rotating frames of reference
Neural Network Predictions of Protein Function
Investigating Castillo-Grone's Mimetic Difference Operators in Development of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Models Implemented on GPGPUs
Dynamics and Bifurcations in Coupled Bistable Systems with Applications to Engineering Devices
Data assimilation unit for the general curvilinear environmental model
Regularization of singular sources for PSIC computations of particle-laden flows with shocks
Forecasting MLB performance utilizing a Bayesian approach in order to optimize a fantasy baseball draft
Mimetic Finite Differences And Parallel Computing To Simulate Carbon Dioxide Subsurface Mass Transport
Finding a novel way for fast sequence alignment and exploiting information theory in bacterial genomes and complete phages
Multiclass learning on graphs : diffuse interface models and beyond
Quantization of a low-density parity-check (LDPC) decoder : limited-precision digital design of the sum-product algorithm (SPA) for wireless voice and video communication channels
Role of the microRNA miR-124 in the regulatory network governing PNS development in Ciona intestinalis
Predicting glaucoma progression using random forests for correlated binary response based on longitudinally collected standard automated perimetry data
Semiparametric varying-coefficient mixed effects modeling approaches to longitudinal data
Inferring undirected and casually directed graph graph structures from multivariate time series