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fMRI correlates of risky decision-making in adolescent alcohol users : the role of abstinence
Traumatic brain injury and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms in OEF/OIF veterans : a combined diffusion tensor imaging and cortical thickness study
Trauma-related guilt : conceptual development and relationship with posttrauma psychopathology
The roles of protein disulfide-isomerase associated 6 and alpha-B crystallin in chaperone-mediated cardioprotection
The role of oligomerization in human IKK2 activation as revealed by structural and diophysical studies
The Role of Bilingualism on Neuropsychological Test Performance among Spanish Speakers Tested in Their Native Language
Teachers' beliefs regarding the generalization of students' learning and how to support the generalization of students' learning
Synthesis and characterization of porphyrin containing metal-organic frameworks
Structure and biochemistry of IKappaB Zeta : A nuclear IKappaB protein
Sphingolipid Metabolism : A Novel Link Between Obesity and Cardiomyopathy
Role of the microRNA miR-124 in the regulatory network governing PNS development in Ciona intestinalis
Requirements for population recovery of pink abalone (Haliotis corrugata) : implications of movement, restoration technique and reproductive output
Psychosocial mediators of ethnic disparities in Allostatic Load
Plastics and priority pollutants : a multiple stressor in aquatic habitats
Performance-based cognitive processing in clinically anxious youths
Oral polymicrobial communities and impact on human health
Neural Network Predictions of Protein Function
Momentary social experiences and ambulatory blood pressure levels, reactivity, and nocturnal dipping in Mexican-American women
Maternal Attendance of Young in Cottonmouths (Agkistrodon piscivorus): Adaptive Value and Hormonal Mechanisms