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Multicultural literature as the stepchild of the canon: implementing multicultural literacy in spite of NCLB
From Hero to Outcast:  The Rhetoric of Schadenfreude and its Implications
The Metonym of Mystery: Representations  of Clandestine Service in American  Presidential Rhetoric
An ideological analysis of class division and advertising
The Art And Science Of Persuasive Grant Writing: An Empirical Framework For Writing Winning Grants
Narrative as Social Change: Public Storytelling to Legally Determine the Fate of Juvenile Offenders
A Rhetorical Approach to Patents: A Guide to Reading a Patent
Nietzsche's "On Truth and Lie": A Tropological Response to Kant's First Critique
Professional Rite of Passage and Psychometrics: Career Satisfaction and Personality Indicators
Expanding God's kingdom online: a rhetorical analysis of Internet churches
Ethos Building in the Digital Realm:  A Practical Guide to Digital Portfolios
A Patent Manager's Guide to a Patent Search Project
A Rhetorical Analysis of Political  Speeches on Climate Change
Moral Appeals in Political Discourse: A Moderate Approach to Political Identification
Rhetorical Analysis of a Political Satire Podcast, Naneun Ggomsuda
Letters to an Absent Friend: A Generative Rhetorical Analysis of Facebook Memorial Pages