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The Metonym of Mystery: Representations  of Clandestine Service in American  Presidential Rhetoric
The Art And Science Of Persuasive Grant Writing: An Empirical Framework For Writing Winning Grants
Rhetorical Analysis of a Political Satire Podcast, Naneun Ggomsuda
RWS 305W Writing in Various Settings, section 05
RWS 305W Writing in Various Settings, section 03
RWS 100 Rhetoric of Written Argument
Professional Rite of Passage and Psychometrics: Career Satisfaction and Personality Indicators
Nietzsche's "On Truth and Lie": A Tropological Response to Kant's First Critique
Narrative as Social Change: Public Storytelling to Legally Determine the Fate of Juvenile Offenders
Multicultural literature as the stepchild of the canon: implementing multicultural literacy in spite of NCLB
Moral Appeals in Political Discourse: A Moderate Approach to Political Identification
Letters to an Absent Friend: A Generative Rhetorical Analysis of Facebook Memorial Pages
From Hero to Outcast:  The Rhetoric of Schadenfreude and its Implications
Ethos Building in the Digital Realm:  A Practical Guide to Digital Portfolios
An ideological analysis of class division and advertising
A Rhetorical Approach to Patents: A Guide to Reading a Patent
A Rhetorical Analysis of Political  Speeches on Climate Change
A Patent Manager's Guide to a Patent Search Project