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EUROP 101 Introduction to European Studies
EUROP 435 Culture and Identity in Post-Communist Europe
EUROP 501 European Life and Culture
FRENC 100A Elementary French I
FRENC 100A Elementary French I
GERMN 100A First Course in German
GERMN 100B Second Course in German, section 01
GERMN 205B Fourth Course in German
GERMN 411 German Studies II
GERMN 430 German Civilization
ITAL 100A Elementary Italian I
ITAL 100A Elementary Italian I, section 03
ITAL 100B Elementary Italian II
ITAL 201 Reading and Speaking Italian
ITAL 212 Intermediate Italian II
ITAL 305A Italian Literature
ITAL 496 Special Topics
RUSSN 100B Beginning Russian 2
RUSSN 200B Intermediate Russian 2