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Assembling a transcriptome and reference genome for two ascidia species towards investigating the evolution of peripheral nervous system development
Effects of urbanization and habitat quality on the songbirds of San Diego County Grasslands
The characterization of novel virulence factors of streptococcus agalactiae
Targeted discovery: Adaptation of a cell-based platform for the discovery of novel HIV envelope antivirals
Return of the mac: How density affects the survival of juvenile giant kelp (macrocystis pyrifera) in Point Loma Kelp Forest, San Diego, CA
Structural complexity, seascape patchiness, and body size interactively mediate seagrass habitat value for a fish mesopredator
Analysis of proteolysis of the Chikungunya virus proteome as target for antivirals
Implications of platelet activating factor in coral physiology
Role of astrocytes during bacterial central nervous system infection
Bacteriophages and the functional manipulation of marine microbial communities