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A S 100B Foundations of the United States Air Force
A S 200B Evolution of USAF Air and Space Power
A S 300B Air Force Leadership Studies
A S 400B National Security Affairs/Preparation for Active Duty
AUD 810 Seminar in Amplification Research and Technology
GEN S 330 Plagues Through the Ages
GEN S 340 Confronting AIDS, section 01
H SEC 603 Seminar in Emergency Preparedness and Response
H SEC 604 Seminar in Law, Society and Homeland Security
H SEC 690 Seminar
H SEC 690 Seminar, section 02
THEA 240 Lecture: Theatre Design and Technology
THEA 440 Scene Design I
THEA 532 Collaborative Creation
THEA 533A Acting For The Camera
THEA 545 Mechanical Drawing for the Theatre
THEA 555B Movement for Theatre
THEA 570 A/B Practicum Theatre Production
THEA 643  Collaborative Studies in Design (3)