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Assessing the temporal behavior of semantic neologisms in comparison to lexical neologisms
The defendant speaks: Allocution in federal court
Importing knowledge base information into distributional word vectors
Phonetic- and phonological-theoretic structures of the syllable: Investigating cross-linguistic syllable perception and the McGurk effect
Sonority distance preferences in developmental dyslexia: Investigating linguistic universals for application in clinical approaches
Pragmatic effects of non-normative honorifics in Korean
Metaphors be with you: An examination of the metaphor "A COLLEGE DEGREE IS A DOORWAY" and how it relates to metaphors in general
Morphological variability in Spanish heritage speakers' comprehension of noun-adjective gender agreement
Features of summaries written by second language writers
Attraction-based interference in the comprehension of gender agreement in Spanish
"Do you feel like a woman or do you feel like a drag queen" A queer linguistic analysis of drag queen speech
The classification of SB277 and temporally-varied Twitter data
Homophony and conversion (zero derivation): The durational differences of seemingly phonetically identical lexeme pairs
Questions in academic discourse
Indirect directives (or when to say "please")
LING 101 Section 03 Introduction to Linguistics
JPN 112 Elementary Japanese II
JPN 332 Narratives of Japanese Popular Culture
LING 101 Section 01 Introduction to Linguistics
LING 100 Section 08 English Composition for International Students