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Effects of Ultraviolet Light Irradiation on the Electrical Properties of DNA Molecular Wires
FIN 240 Legal Environment of Business, sections 01 and 02
FIN 321 Managerial Economics
FIN 323 Fundamentals of Finance, section 01
FIN 329 International Business Finance
FIN 331 Real Estate Essentials
FIN 654 Seminar in International Business Finance
MGT 350 Management and Organizational Behavior, Section 1
MGT 357 Multinational Business and Comparative Management
MGT 401 Business Internship
MGT 405 International Business Strategy and Integration, Section 1
MGT 475 Leadership in Organizations
MGT 721 Group Process and Leadership
MGT 722 Seminar in Business Ethics and Social Institutions
MKTG 370 Marketing
MKTG 370 Marketing (Online)
Metamorphosis: An Insightful Look at The Transcendence of a Nobody
Nuns, Witches, and Testators: Women's Agency and Spiritual Capital in New Spain
Soil Composition and Function as Insight for Understanding Native Grassland Success
Twenty-First Century Forms of Social Resistance